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  • 20" Tire
  • 20" Tire
SKU: 5114-020-02

20" Tire


The MAC tire is the WORLD's First Freestyle Folding tire! This is not just a new tire like all the others, this one changes the weight of the complete bike dramatically because it's less rotating mass at the end of the frame and at the same time it strengthens a lot by using Kevlar material. Most tires blow up with big pressure and they get bigger than labelled. The Kevlar strips hold everything in original shape and make the tire really, really light. This new tire is made of hard rubber and holds up to 120psi.

  • Ideal tire for street use
  • 20 x 2.00 in (50 mm) and weighing only 393 grams
  • MAX 8 Bar or 120 PSI
  • Kevlar beaded (folding) tire
  • Special Durable Compound with improved traction
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