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  • Ring Accumlator Rear Tail Light
SKU: 220454

Ring Accumlator Rear Tail Light


The Ring Accumulator light is an ultrabright, lightweight lighting option for the daily commuter or sport rider. Featuring multiple models and a USB charging port, this light powers upto 50 Lumen (Daytime Strobe) and attaches quickly.

  • Ring of 15 red mini COB LEDs, Max. Light output: 50 Lumen
  • Chargable by USB cable, 2 hour charge time and up to 12 hours run time. Auto-save function: 1 hour extended life through switching to power safe mode.
  • 7 functions: 3 brightness levels, flashing light 20/100%, strobe, day flash, Memory Function.
  • Lightweight at 21 grams and able to be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Universal rubber strap braket for 20 - 50 mm, mounts without tools.
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